Часы Breitling Navitimer

Часы Breitling Navitimer в Атырау
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Часы Breitling Navitimer

Because of its reputation as a maker of quality timepieces, many fabrications of various Breitling models saturate the market. Keep in mind these distinct crafting features when shopping for an authentic Breitling watch and avoid getting stuck with a fake.

Breitling watches are stamped with a distinct logo bearing an anchor fixed between a set of wings. The logo is small and displayed tastefully in the upper center area of the watch face, with the Breitling name printed below, and is always etched directly into the face.

MEN'S Navitimer Collection

Inspect the dials beneath the Breitling logo and look for one displaying the date. The subdials on most authentic Breitling watches are used to display the various measurements of the chronograph, and none should show the days of the week or month. If your Breitling watch does have a calendar display, it will appear in a separate, magnified window. Fake Breitlings that do feature a separate date display typically do a poor job replicating the magnification and clarity of the window.

Carefully examine the face and back of the watch for lettering errors.


As Breitling watches are of Swiss origin, different parts of the watch will contain Swiss words and slogans that are often spelled incorrectly on imitations. Take particular notice of the quality of the printing, as fakes utilize cheaper printing methods that often result in a fuzzy or pixelated appearance of the letters.

Consult images of authentic Breitling models online to verify authentic spellings and printing methods. Breitling only manufactures one open heart model, and its numbers are extremely limited.


Do the hands of your watch move in a continuous, sweeping motion, or is there a separate tick for each passing second?

With few exceptions, Breitling watches are of mechanical construction and the movement of the second hand will be constant. Most Breitling forgeries keep time automatically and as a result the second hand will move with individual ticks. Part 2 Checking for Quality Indicators 1 Locate the model and serial number.

Breitling stamps each and every one of their watches with these manufacturing details, either on the band, the casing or both.

Breitling A13370

Replicas tend to leave out this detail, or get the type of material wrong. The crystal in a real Breitling is brushed with an anti-glare coating to cut down on the amount of light it reflects. Hold the watch in your hand to assess its weight. The majority of replicas are manufactured from cheaper metals or even plastic, making them feel light and easily breakable. The information contained in the certificate will describe the individual components of the watch, many of which can be used to tell a real watch from a fake one.

Breitling Navitimer

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