Зеркало-видеорегистратор Car DVRs Mirror

Зеркало-видеорегистратор Car DVRs Mirror в Лисичанске
  • В наличии 8 шт.
  • Производитель: Великобритания
  • Дата производства: 25.02.2018
  • Акция: от 50%

I ordered on 17th July late evening and was delivered to me in India on 25th July morning. I am absolutely amazed. This is even faster than some of the Indian e bay shippers. It is the perfect solution for a car black box recorder. I did not want something which I had to attach on the windscreen of the car like a GPS.

Reason being, anything mounted on the windscreen would attract the attention of burglars and then I would have to take it off every night and attach it every morning. I wanted a plug it and forget it type solution and this is a perfect match. It is not mentioned in the description but it starts recording automatically as soon as the car is started and automatically switches off when the car is stopped.


This was a highly desirable feature for me and I was happy to find it works this way. This means that once you fixed it, you can completely forget about it and it will keep on doing its job on its own without any input from the user.

I had another recorder earlier but it had to be manually started and stopped every time. Many times I used to forget to switch it on before driving off.

You can focus both to front one tilted towards left and other towards right if you want a "very" wide angle view. I use one for front and other for back.

Reviews for: (Rearview Mirror DVR - Dual Swivel Camera, 3.5 Inch LCD Screen)

It seems that the right camera is a wide angle camera Intended to be focused on the road while the left camera is a standard camera intended to be focused inside the car 5 The mirror itself is very wide and I find it better than the default rearview mirror on my car. It is slightly tinted and I thought it would not be good at night but I was wrong. It works well in night also. Good thing is that the Infrared Red LEDs are completely invisible as compared to some which emit a reddish tinge.

Select Regional Settings

The only thing it is missing, in my opinion, is the ability to switch the preview screen ON or OFF, while it is recording. Although one can easily focus his vision to far to view the vehicles instead of the screen, it may be a bit distracting for some when they try to use the rear view mirror at night for the first time.

It is not a big problem as both I and my wife were fine with it.

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